Why I might just hate living with Leon + New Years 2014 + Last shopping haul of 2013!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Because I love Christmas lights. I mean- who could resist?
I feel a little regretful that i only have 2 more years staying in my home and to decorate my room as girly as want, fill my bed full of snuggle-y soft toys, put up whatever art prints that makes me laugh.

I love the print i got from Retrowhale on Etsy, haha it says "NO PARKING ON THE DANCE FLOOR." PS: Which Leon looked at it and he came over to help me drill my walls to put up the frames and he gave me the instantly I hate it face ):
But who cares, it's my room and i love it.
Because some time I do that when it's deep into the night and nobody's there to see, hahaha don't tell me you don't put on some good music and sing along with the tunes and dance in the privacy of your own! A girl's gotta destress man!

I guess when we move into our new home when it's ready we would have to compromise on what we both are ok with, but definitely not able to decorate as we like as an individual right? I feel like part of me would be lost if i'm not in my "favourite environment". 

Boo i'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me decking the halls with girly crap like lace or whatever just like i'm totally objecting to him displaying his 563464323 Gundam thingy that he fixed -.- I know it's alot of effort and all but I would totally hate to live in a "little boy's room." ): 

Somemore I think I'll be living at leon's place for a couple months - a year after we get married while waiting for our place to be ready, even when i stay over his place a couple nights of week when he's around i didn't reeeeeally like it cos his room is somehow very dusty (i will always wake up with 1 or 2 pimple everytime i stay over, no kidding!) and has a little of that eeky musky smell that i can't figure out where is it coming from. 0.0"

He used to be reaaaaally neat (i guess we have the previous maid to thank for that!) but these days without a maid his room is so messy with so much papers and crap on his desk and it's kind of dusty everywhere. :x

 KNS kena cheated haha all these years i thought he's like a neat and clean freak so i wasn't that worried that our future home will be messy and i was banking on him not being able to stand any mess and he will go clean it up. *evil grin*

I wouldn't say my room is neat but ever since i did a "end of year cleaning" it's more like an organized mess now? hahaha i have a rule of dumping/keeping things out of sight that i don't reach for at least once in a month.Except for my soft toys cos I'm too sentimental hehe - well i am a girl afterall hohoho

Oh weeeeeeells, I'm still excited and looking forward to living together but I really hope i'll still be able to have what i like thou!

Haha for New Year's Day we went to Sabio By The Sea for brunch and had free flow lobsters + oysters and everything else for $70 per pax.

Hahaha i was too busy stuffing my face with the OH SO FRESH oysters that i didn't take any photos haha while Leon whacked the Lobsters, He and Mark were trying to beat each other in who can eat more lobsters hahaha i was feeling way too full to keep track.

And after that we just went into a total food coma the entire day after!! 
Ahhh craving for more of those super fresh oysters.

★ Sabio By The Sea (Quayside Isle) ★

31 Ocean Way #01-02
Singapore 098375
T: 6690 7568
Stayed home to watch 爸 爸去哪, leon introduced this show to me and we were watching it together, it's SO SO SO funny i can DIE!! We literally laughed till we were out of breathe.  林志颖 & his son kimi is soooo adorable!!

Leon met him on the JJ Lin tour in Xiamen as he is the guest performancer for the concert and he looks SO YOUNG? He's 39 and he probably can pass off as Leon's little brother hahaha

Received the last shopping haul of the year from US on the last day of the year yay!

Bath + Body Works haul: These candles are my poison! I always light up one of their candles as soon as i reach home, after i shower and step back into my room and my rooms always smells so heavenly and soothing. (: Well you can tell the Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint is my absolute favourite since i stocked up on 2 of them hehe. The WinterMarket Berries & Pears scent is AMAZING! 

The Mint Chocolate has such a kick to it, got quite a shock when I opened it up for the 1st time! The Keys has a pleasent clean, fruity scent that isn't over powering but I didn't really like Ocean Drive (smells very macho!)

Who says Christmas is all about gifting others? Girrrrrrrrl i needa pamper myself too so i gifted myself with some little of these pretties!

Hahhaha wearing my pretty new fluffy cardigan from Forever 21 with my anyhow bua glitter nails before I have time to head over to Milly's to get it done! 

Ooooh that's my new adorbs Tory Burch Amanda mini chain crossbody that I gifted myself for Christmas!

Met Joanne (pretty + hot mama of 2. OMG!) for drinks + dinner the other night and had lots of fun chatting all night with her! Let's meet up soon soon soon~

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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